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Monday, 19 December 2016

Trivia Answers (Grab Points Quiz #455)

1. "I Kid You Not" is the title of whose autobiography ?

Jack Harold Paar (May 1, 1918 – January 27, 2004) was an American author, radio and television comedian and talk show host, best known for his stint as host of The Tonight Show from 1957 to 1962. Time magazine's obituary noted that: "His fans would remember him as the fellow who split talk show history into two eras: Before Paar and Below Paar."

2. What is the capital of Falkland Islands ?

  The Falkland Island Islas Malvinas, pronounced: are an archipelago in the South Atlantic Ocean on the Patagonian Shelf. The principal islands are about 300 miles (483 kilometres) east of South America's southern Patagonian coast, at a latitude of about 52°S. The archipelago, with an area of 4,700 square miles (12,000 square kilometres), comprises East Falkland, West Falkland and 776 smaller islands. As a British overseas territory, the Falklands have internal self-governance, and the United Kingdom takes responsibility for their defence and foreign affairs. The islands' capital is Stanley on East Falkland.

 3. In the 1961 Disney version of the "Parent Trap", who plays the twins ?

The Parent Trap (1961 film) The Parent Trap is a 1961 Walt Disney Technicolor film. It stars Hayley Mills, Maureen O'Hara and Brian Keith in a story about teenage twins on a quest to reunite their divorced parents.

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